The Growth of Biostimulants Worldwide

Every year, every acre, there are challenges. Globally, growers are increasing their use of biostimulants derived from seaweed extract, Ascophyllum nodosum to support crops by increasing the uptake and utilization of nutrients, improving the tolerance to abiotic stress, improving crop productivity and quality.

Why Acadian Plant Health?

Acadian Plant Health™ is modernizing crop management through our use of biostimulant crop care solutions. Our products are a complex array of biologically active compounds that are scientifically proven to improve plant establishment and growth, stress tolerance, enhance nutrient uptake, and increase water use efficiency. We are supporting growers to produce stronger, healthier crops that help mitigate yield limiting stresses and allow crops to reach a higher potential. Acadian Plant Health products are sustainably sourced and are used in in soil and foliar inputs on more than 70 crops in 80 countries worldwide.


Our world leading crop science research and proprietary extracts derived from Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed, comprise the foundation of our agricultural products that offer sustainable solutions for addressing today’s challenges. Acadian Plant Health is the largest independent marine plant harvesting, cultivation and extraction company in the world.

Acadian Plant Health Seaweed extracts are backed by science — our team of plant physiologists, biologists, chemists, agrologists and aquaculture specialists ensure the performance of our products. Our global network of external experts and leading-edge partnerships combine expertise to work on the development of a portfolio of complete solutions for abiotic stress management.  This group of experts validates, enhances and contributes to a new wave of technology of biostimulant crop inputs.

“Everything we do is focused on delivering solutions that perform where it matters most — in the field,”
Dr. Sarah Maude, Vice President, Technology at Acadian Plant Health.

The demand for environmentally conscious products in agriculture is growing. At Acadian Plant Health, sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do. All APH sustainable solutions are comprised of eco-friendly, stable, consistent, and versatile formulations. APH’s harvest methods are guided by a peer-reviewed management model that is sustainable and ensures no long-term negative environmental impacts to the environment. Due to our sustainable harvesting practices, we can guarantee the supply of our seaweed extracts. We’ve focused on seaweed for 40 years because of the incredible in-field results we have demonstrated on specialty and arable crops, as well as the long-term environmental benefits of applying a sustainable product for food production.

We believe it is possible to improve crop production and management, while respecting the environment and society. We’re dedicated to driving breakthrough innovations and proven products in crop care and nutrition. By staying curious, we continue to strive for a better tomorrow.

APH’s proprietary extraction process of Ascophyllum nodosum produces a distinctive product that not only delivers in-field benefits, but also adds to first rate blendability. We are able to preserve the beneficial compounds in the raw material while also creating new unique active compounds. Due to our proprietary manufacturing and extraction process, APH provides a reliable product with the same biological performance every time.

This process, meets strict standards of excellence, ensures bioactive compounds that are already present in our fresh raw material are extracted in their most pure and active state. APH’s unique extraction uncovers biomarkers — such as Mannitol, Alginic Acid and Fucoidans — which are carbohydrates that help support the plant throughout its life cycle. The distinct levels of these carbohydrates are what makes Acadian Plant Health seaweed extracts unique.


Keep plants in peak condition and ready to fend off what the season has in store. Acadian® is safe for use on a variety of crops in applications throughout the seasons.

Stella Maris

Unlock every acre of your field. For Canadian growers, Stella Maris® is a high concentrate liquid Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extract biostimulant designed for soil and foliar uses in conventional and organic specialty crops.


The power you need for a high yield season. An EPA approved liquid Ascophyllum nodosum extract for soil and foliar use in a wide range of crops to improve root and shoot growth and environmental stress tolerance; triggers a plant response equivalent to 100 ppm cytokinin.


Your switch to high yields, Toggle® is unique and versatile, whether used alone or applied with fungicides, insecticides or nutrition. A premium liquid Ascophyllum nodosum biostimulant for soil and foliar use in row crops to improve root growth, plant vigor and environmental stress tolerance.


One powerful powder. A powerful concentrated dry Ascophyllum nodosum powder for general seaweed extract for your crop nutritional program with the convenience of a dry program. AscoStar ™ is recommended use in conventional production of specialty crops.


EnVoy™ is a new biostimulant designed for broad acre and row crops. During the growing season, numerous stressors can chip away at yield. EnVoy supports improved yield and defends against yield robbing impacts by supporting root growth, boosting nutrient use efficiency, and helping plants increase tolerance to environmental stressors like drought, heat, chill, and salinity.