The ultimate, proven seaweed extract for horticulture growers

Derived exclusively from Ascophyllum nodosum, Acadian best in class performance backed by decades of research and proven results on multiple crops.

Acadian® is produced using proprietary technologies that liberate the valuable, organic compounds and carefully formulated to provide a consistent product for your nutritional program with every drop. Applications throughout the season are scientifically proven to improve early plant establishment and development, and aid in abiotic stress tolerance, ultimately leading to increased crop quality and yield.

Acadian Benefits

The complex mix of compounds present in Acadian produces a wide variety of beneficial plant responses.

  • Acadian improves plant establishment, root structure and mass, which leads to improved plant establishment and facilitates greater uptake of water and nutrients.
  • Containing natural chelators (which bind to micronutrients), Acadian improves the bioavailability and transport of nutrients within the plant.
  • By increasing chlorophyll production within the plant, Acadian improves photosynthesis for greater plant productivity.
  • Acadian activates antioxidant production and increases water retention, which reduces the impact of environmental stresses including drought, salinity, heat, and chill.
  • Acadian helps plants produce energy, and its components act as precursors that encourage plants to produce new active compounds that in turn boost crop quality and yield.
  • Increases fruit and vegetable quality and uniformity, with better sizing, reduced culls, delayed senescence,  higher brix, and increased shelf life
  • Acadian is an easy-to-use water-soluble liquid formulation for in-tank compatibility with most crop nutrition, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. Always read and follow the label directions.

Specialty Crops:

  • Herbs & Spices
  • Hydroponic Flowers
  • Field Ornamentals
  • Turf

Vegetable Crops:


  • Acadian LSC – Acadian conventional liquid for use in conventional crop production
  • Acadian Organic Liquid seaweed concentrate 0.1-0-5 – listed by OMRI for use in organic production.
  • Acadian SSEP Organic – Soluble Seaweed Extract Powder


  • Acadian LSC Organic
    • Case (1.32 Gallon x 4)
    • Case (2.5 Gallon x 2)
    • Tote (264 Gallon)
  • Acadian LSC Conventional
    • Case (2.5 Gallon x 2)
    • Tote (264 Gallon)
  • Acadian SSEP Powder
    • 44-lb Case


Acadian is a water-soluble liquid that is suitable for use in foliar, soil applied, irrigation applications. Working synergistically with your existing nutritional program, it can be tank mixed with most commonly used herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and other agricultural inputs. For information on optimal application rates and timings for your crop, please refer to the label.

*For crop specific usage rates and timing, please see the label

Application Method: Rooting/Transplant Solutions

Application Method: Prior to or at transplanting, treat roots with a solution of Acadian at the rate of 0.1-0.7% solution

Notes: After transplant application switch to a soil or drench program

Application Method: Drench

Application Method: Apply soil drench using dilution of 0.45 ounces per gallon

Notes: Applications can be made at 2-4 week intervals throughout the growing season

Application Method: Soil

Application Method: Soil applied treatments can be made by mixing with soil-applied fertility, directed sprays to the soil, sidedress treatments, applications through irrigation systems

Notes: Applications can be made at 2-4 week intervals throughout the growing season. Avoid heavy irrigations following application

Application Method: Foliar

Application Method: Foliar spray should be applied as a fine mist, with low fluid velocity until the foliage is wet. See label crop specific application timings.


  • Do not apply in rain, high winds, or extreme temperature conditions
  • Apply during the cool part of the day or when temperatures are <85 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Do not spray just before or after rainfall or sprinkler irrigation
  • Use a surfactant for maximum dispersal and leaf adherence

Application Method: Late Season & Post Harvest

Application Method: An excellent way to encourage root growth and prepare perennial crops for next season’s early growth

Notes: Soil or foliar application. Applications can be made at 2-4 week intervals

* Acadian is compatible with many pesticides and nutrients. Always read and follow label directions and conduct a jar test for a new blend.

Crop Application Programs

Acadian can be applied in combination with the standard grower program and is compatible with most nutrient programs. Consult with your local Acadian Plant Health™ representative to determine the most effective program for your area. Applications will depend on the crop, soil, timing and the additional materials in the tank mix.

Please click on the crop application programs below to learn more.

Acadian ROI

Acadian improves the bioavailability and transport of nutrients within the plant. This promotes abiotic stress tolerance along with improved plant nutrition, leading to increased overall yield and quality at harvest.

Better Yields for Almonds

Trials on the same trees over two consecutive years demonstrate that Acadian significantly improves yield of almonds.


Acadian treated pistachios consistently yield higher and produced more pounds of marketable nuts.

Acadian increased yield of table grapes by an average of 47% over Control.

Table Grapes

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