Tame a Tough Season with Toggle®

Toggle helps enhance yields and defend against yield-robbing impacts by supporting root growth, plant health and boosting nutrient uptake. It also gives plants the natural ability to better utilize nutrients so that your nutrient management program delivers more of a positive impact while encouraging the plant to boost its own defenses against negative environmental impacts such as heat stress and times of reduced moisture.

With the versatility to apply in-furrow or by foliar application, Toggle works synergistically with your existing nutritional program to reduce the impact of stress throughout the growing season.

Toggle jug

Toggle Benefits

  • Toggle contains bioactive compounds that enhances root growth by increasing the number of small absorptive roots that are key to water and nutrient uptake.
  • Containing natural chelators (which bind to micronutrients), Toggle improves the bioavailability and transport of nutrients within the plant.
  • By increasing chlorophyll production within the plant, Toggle improves photosynthesis for greater plant productivity.
  • Toggle activates antioxidant and elicits the synthesis of proline which mediates water balance in stress situations to prevent cell water loss and improves plants tolerance to abiotic stress.
  • Toggle helps plants produce energy, and its components act as precursors that encourage plants to produce new active compounds that in turn boost crop quality and supports yield.

Field Crops:


  • Liquid


  • Case (2.5 Gallon x 2)
  • Tote (264 Gallon)


Toggle can be applied in combination with the standard grower program and is compatible with most nutrient programs*.
Toggle is safe for use on a wide variety of crops in applications during the growing season. Consult with your local Toggle representative to determine the most effective program for your area.


Toggle is a water-soluble liquid that is suitable for use in foliar, soil-applied, irrigation, side-dressed, ground rig or aerial applications. Working synergistically with your existing nutritional program, Toggle can be tank mixed with most commonly used insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and other agricultural inputs.

Applications will depend on the crop, soil, timing and the additional materials in the tank mix.

Crop Application Programs

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