November 24, 2021 mcdmarketing

Manage Plant Stress and Boost Fresh Market Yield.


Better crown development and fruit set are directly related to overall plant health. Drive your plants to greater production with Stimplex®. Synergistically working with your fertility program, Stimplex enhances root growth, mitigates damage from environmental stresses and improves marketable yield. Pick more this year. Pick Stimplex.

Benefits to Strawberries

  • Improves Rooting
  • Increases Crown Division
  • Mitigates Environmental Stresses
  • Improves Overall Yield and Quality

Stimplex Improves Yield and Quality

Stimplex allows your crop to make the most of your nutritional program by promoting robust root growth. This results in more marketable fruit which is demonstrated not only in yield but also gross revenue.


How Does Stimplex Benefit Strawberries?

Improves Rooting:

Stimplex contains beneficial compounds such as fucose-rich sulphated polysaccharides and alginates which have shown to enhance the formulation of small absorptive roots, root tips and total root surface area.

Mitigates Environmental Stresses:

Healthier root systems improve the uptake of nutrients and water, leading to stronger plants and improved crown division.

Mitigates Environmental Stresses:

Betaines have been shown to help plants adjust their water and salinity levels. When high salt levels are present in the soil, betaines and other osmotic substances found in Stimplex help plants sequester excessive salts in non- leaf tissues, allowing for healthier transpiration and photosynthesis for consistent growth and critical berry set and sizing.

Improves Overall Yield and Quality:

Stimplex gives your crop strong early growth, good nutrition and the ability to tolerate what Mother Nature dishes out for your best yields ever! In addition, Stimplex works at a cellular level by improving the nutritional status of your crop, leading to big, firm fruit.

Rates and Timings


  • Apply every 14 days until harvest is complete (SOIL)
  • Additional applications at times of stress
  • 64 oz (2 quarts)/acre


  • In closed systems, apply every 7-14 days (DRIP)
  • 4.5 to 9 oz per 100 gallons of water
  • Stimplex mixes well with nutrients and other agricultural products