November 24, 2021 mcdmarketing

Manage Plant Stress and Boost Fresh Market Yield.


Acadian® contains a complex mix of synergistic bioactive compounds that allow crops to reach their full yield potential. It improves crop quality and productivity by enhancing root growth, improving overall plant nutrition and bolstering tolerance to challenging growing conditions.

Benefits to Strawberries

  • Improves rooting
  • Increases crown division
  • Mitigates environmental stresses
  • Improves yield quality and quality

Acadian Improves Yield and Quality

Acadian allows your crop to make the most of the nutritional program by promoting robust root growth. This results in more marketable fruit, which is demonstrated not only by higher yield but also increased gross revenue.

Acadian Organic Strawberries

MULTIPLE FIELD TRIALS ‘Proprietary varieties’, California, United States
Acadian promotes a better crop from planting to harvest. Over a series of five different trials, Acadian increased the total number of trays harvested per acre by 17%. At US $7 per tray, Acadian increased gross revenue per acre by US $2,147.

How Does Acadian Benefit Strawberries?

Improves Rooting:

Acadian contains beneficial compounds such as fucose-rich sulphated polysaccharides and alginates, which enhance formation of small absorptive roots, root tips and total root surface area.

Increases Crown Division:

Healthier root systems improve the uptake of nutrients and water, leading to stronger plants and improved crown division.

Crown Divisions

Mitigates Environmental Stresses:

Betaines have been shown to help plants adjust their water and salinity levels. When high salt levels are present in the soil, betaines and other osmotic substances found in Acadian help plants sequester excessive salts in nonleaf tissues, allowing for healthier transpiration and photosynthesis for consistent growth and critical berry set and sizing.

Improves Yield and Quality:

Strawberry plants that grow strong, full root systems take up more key nutrients and resist stress better. This allows for more crown development, maximized fruit set and improved yields.

Rates and Timings

  • Field:
    • Apply Acadian at 64 oz (2 qt) per acre every 14 days until harvest is complete (soil).
    • Additional applications can be made at times of stress.
  • Hydroponic:
    • In closed systems, apply every 7-14 days at a ratio of 4.5 to 9 oz per 100 gallons of water.

Acadian mixes well with nutrients and other agricultural products.