Silage Corn

Silage Corn
November 24, 2021 mcdmarketing

More Value Per Pound.

Silage Corn

Acadian® is a unique technology containing a complex mix of synergistic bioactive compounds that allows crops to reach their full yield potential. Acadian enhances crop quality and productivity by enhancing root growth, improving nutritional health and bolstering tolerance to challenging growing conditions.

Benefits to Silage Corn

  • Improves root growth
  • Improves yield
  • Increases Total Digestible Nutrients
  • Increases milk per ton

Acadian Helps You Harvest More This Season

Acadian improves stomatal function allowing your crop to conserve water during heat and drought, meaning plants recover more quickly after re-watering and continue growing through the stress. It has also been shown to help plants better tolerate salt stress by limiting the uptake of sodium. This effect drastically reduces the phytotoxicity caused by salinity and improves the overall vigor of the crop. Using Acadian promotes a resilient crop – enhancing both yield and quality of the feed.

How Does Acadian Benefit Silage Corn?

  • Enhances root growth by increasing the number of small absorptive roots that are key to water and nutrient uptake for vigorous, healthy growth.
  • Protects plants from cellular damage and yield-robbing stress by promoting synthesis of natural compounds such as antioxidants and betaines.
  • Generates a higher quality feed with higher Total Digestible Nutrients and milk per ton.

Improves Yield and Quality

Acadian Organic Silage Corn Starch Content

Acadian supports improved starch content which converts to improved energy or feed value at harvest.

Acadian Organic Silage Corn Weight

Trials in California utilized a grower standard treatment plus side dress of Acadian followed by a treatment at V6 stage. Moistures were adjusted to 68% and weights were taken. Improvement of 6.5 tons/acre – 27% increase.

How Do I Use Acadian?

Acadian is easy to use and fully dissolves in water, making it suitable for foliar sprays and irrigation water applications. Acadian can be tank mixed with most commonly used fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides.

Application Types

  • Drip/soil
  • Foliar
  • Irrigation water
  • Tank mixed with pest control and/or nutritional packages

Rates and Timings

  • 1st Application:
    • 16 0z pr acre, in furrow at planting
    • 32 oz per acre, side-dress with fertilizer
  • 2nd Application:
    • 32-48 oz per acre with miticide, in furrow at planting
    • 32-48 oz per acre with miticide, side-dress with fertilizer
  • Apply 3-5 days prior to anticipated plant stress.
  • Acadian® mixes well with nutrients and other agricultural products.