November 24, 2021 Andrew Anderson

Set Up Your Pistachios for Better Yields.


Acadian® contains a complex mix of synergistic bioactive compounds that allow plants to reach their full yield potential. It improves plant quality and productivity by enhancing root growth, improving overall plant nutrition and bolstering tolerance to challenging growing conditions.

Benefits to Pistachios

  • Improves nutritional uptake
  • Mitigates environmental stresses
  • Improves yield quality and quantity

Acadian® Improves Yield and Quality

Increase your pistachio yields by driving strong early growth, nutrition uptake and stress management with Acadian®. Working at the cellular level, it reduces the negative effects of stress and increases carbohydrates production for less bud abcission. You will see better yields not just this season, but next year too!

Acadian® -treated pistachios consistently yield higher and produced more pounds of marketable nuts.

How Does Acadian® Benefit Pistachios?

Improves Nutritional Uptake:

Acadian enhances your nutritional program by improving crops’ nutrient uptake. When you apply Acadian as part of your regular application program, you’re putting nutrients on the fast track and ensuring your plants get the most out of every ounce of fertilizer. Strong growth throughout the season ensures large, quality fruit. Acadian contains natural complexing sugars which bind to micronutrients, thereby improving their bioavailability and translocation within the plant.

Acadian®-treated pistachio trees had improved levels of nearly all key nutrients.

Mitigates Environmental Stresses:

Don’t let stress decrease your set! With its numerous bioactive compounds such as mannitol, unique polysaccharides and betaines, Acadian® improves trees’ tolerance to a variety of stressful growing conditions including drought, heat, chill and salinity stress.

Midseason applications prime your trees to defend themselves against environmental stresses, and reduce nut drop. Acadian® helps trees keep energy focused on reaching their maximum quality potential, setting more nuts and achieving higher yields this year and next.

Improves Overall Yield and Quality:

Acadian® gives your crop strong early growth, good nutrition and the ability to tolerate even the most challenging growing conditions. In addition, it works at a cellular level by improving the nutritional status of your crop, leading to higher yields.

Rates and Timings

Apply Acadian® at 64 to 128 ounces per acre at the following timings:

  • 1st application: at early bud break
  • 2nd application: at bloom
  • 3rd application: fully leafed out
  • Repeat: every 2-4 weeks during summer months
  • Post-harvest application: 2-4 weeks after harvest

Acadian® mixes well with nutrients and other agricultural products.