Nursery Plants

Nursery Plants
November 24, 2021 mcdmarketing

Improves Marketability.

Nursery Plants

Acadian® contains a complex mix of synergistic bioactive compounds that allow plants to reach their full yield potential. It improves plant quality and productivity by enhancing root growth, improving overall plant nutrition and bolstering tolerance to challenging growing conditions.

Benefits to Nursery Plants

  • Improved plant growth
  • Improved plant establishment
  • Increased number of flowers
  • Maximized plant growth during periods of stress

Acadian Improves Growth and Stress Resistance

Adding Acadian to an effective nursery crop management program stimulates improved root growth, enhances water management and boosts vigor, resulting in visually appealing nursery plants that are more likely to transplant successfully.

How Does Acadian Benefit Nursery Plants?

Acadian helps grow plants that stand out from the pack:

Including Acadian in nursery programs enhances plants’ most desirable and marketable traits. Acadian enhances root growth, boosts nutrient uptake and helps plants utilize water more efficiently. These activities encourage beautiful foliage development and brighter, more prolific, flowering. Acadian delivers high-quality plants that ship well, look attractive on the display and are primed to quickly take roots and grow after planting.

Percent Water

Water Retention:

After six days without watering, Acadian-treated pansies (in the foreground) were bigger and were using water available in the soil more efficiently. They retained more than twice as much moisture in the soil, as per the graph above. When the bloom began, the treated plants were more robust and had 8% more flowers. They will likely remain vibrant and beautiful much longer than untreated plants.

Improved Rooting:

Cosmos seedlings were treated with either fertilizer or fertilizer + Acadian at the time of transplanting into cell packs. Fourteen days later, the roots of the plants were assessed. The treated plants had more roots – a result confirmed by a WinRhizo® root scanner analysis; the total length of roots of the treated plants was increased 55% over the Fertilizer Control and the volume was increased 35%.

In A Nut Shell:

Less stress is better for you and your plants. Acadian easily fits into existing nutrient programs, is a safe natural product with no re-entry interval and keeps plants beautiful – even under stressful conditions.

Rates and Timings

  • Mix 15-20 ounces of Acadian per 50 gallons of water (0.2% to 0.3% solution). Apply soil/drench every 2 weeks. Drench applications should be approximately 50 gallons of finished solution per 250 square feet.
  • Acadian mixes well with nutrients and other agricultural products.