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Maximize your Melons.


Stimplex® is a unique biostimulant that fuels the growth and development of healthy plants. Stimplex works at a cellular level by improving the production of naturally occurring plant hormones that stimulate stress resistance, improve root growth and maximize nutrient uptake. This all leads to enhanced yield for a greater return on investment.

Benefits to Melons

  • Enhances Rooting
  • Increases Nutrient Uptake
  • Mitigates Environmental Stresses
  • Improves Overall Yield

Stimplex Improves Yield and Quality

Why settle for maintaining melon yields when you can max them out? Stimplex gives your crop good nutrition, strong early growth and the ability to tolerate what Mother Nature dishes out for your best yields ever! In addition, Stimplex works at a cellular level by improving the nutritional status of your crop, leading to big, firm fruit.

Watermelon Yield

Stimplex improved yield by an average of 40 CWT per acre (12%).

How Does Stimplex Benefit Melons?

Total Root Length

Improves Rooting:

Adding Stimplex at planting gets your melons off the starting line faster with a stronger root system that stands up to increased fruit load season-long. Maximizing crop yield and quality begins with a healthy root system. Stimplex contains unique bioactive compounds such as fructose- rich sulphated polysaccharides and alginates which stimulate root initiation and enhance the formation of small absorptive roots. This leads to improved plant establishment and uptake of water and nutrients.

Improves Nutrient Uptake:

Stimplex supercharges your nutritional program by improving your melons’ nutrient uptake. When you apply Stimplex with fertility products like calcium and nitrogen, you’re putting nutrients on the fast track to ensure your plants get the most out of every ounce of fertilizer and stave off calcium deficiency issues. Melons treated with Stimplex make much better use of available nitrogen, assuring that the fertility you pay for goes into the plant toward maximum yields!

Plants with healthier root systems can absorb more water and nutrients from the soil, resulting in a stronger, more productive crop. Stimplex contains natural complexing sugars which bind to micronutrients, thereby improving the bioavailability and transport of nutrients within the plant.

Watermelon Petiole Nitrate Concentration

Reducing fertility reduced nitrate levels in watermelons as expected. There were higher nitrogen levels in all of the Stimplex-treated plots compared to the corresponding nitrogen treatment.

Mitigates Environmental Stresses:

Don’t let stress steal your yield! Stress threatens melon quality with culls, misshapen fruit and blossom end rot. Stimplex helps your crop better resist common stressors like heat, salt and lack of water. Stimplex improves your crop’s tolerance to tough growing conditions, assuring robust root growth and in turn, large, quality fruit. With its numerous bioactive compounds such as mannitol, unique polysaccharides and betaines, Stimplex improves a plant’s tolerance to a variety of stressful growing conditions including drought, chill, heat and salinity stress.

Seedlings were grown under .7 ppm saline conditions.

Increases Yield and Quality:

Strong early growth, good nutrition and amazing stress tolerance all work together to give you excellent packouts of quality fruit. Now that pays!

Rates and Timings

Apply Stimplex at 2qts/acre at the following timings:

  • Transplant
  • Pre-bloom
  • Early fruit set

Additional applications can be made at times of stress.

Stimplex mixes well with nutrients and other agricultural products.