November 24, 2021 mcdmarketing

Set Up Your Blueberries for Better Yields.


Stella Maris® contains Acadian Plant Health™’s unique technology that helps crops to reach their full yield potential. It enhances crop quality and productivity by enhancing root growth, improving nutritional health and bolstering tolerance to challenging growing conditions.

Benefits to Blueberries

  • Enhances Rooting
  • Improves Nutritional Uptake
  • Mitigates Environmental Stresses
  • Improves Yield

Stella Maris® Improves Yield and Quality

Stella Maris® gives your crop strong early growth, good nutrition and the ability to tolerate even the most challenging growing conditions for your best yields ever! In addition, it works at a cellular level, improving the nutritional status of your crop, leading to large, firm fruit.

How Does Stella Maris® Benefit Blueberries?

Improves Nutritional Uptake:

Stella Maris® enhances your nutritional program by improving crops’ nutrient uptake. It contains natural complexing sugars that bind to micronutrients, thereby improving their bioavailability and translocation within the plant. When you apply it as part of your regular application program, you are ensuring your plants get the most out of every ounce of fertilizer. Strong growth throughout the season ensures large, quality fruit.

Mitigates Environmental Stresses:

Don’t let stress ruin your fruit! Stress threatens crop quality. With its numerous bioactive compounds such as mannitol, unique polysaccharides and betaines, Stella Maris® improves plants’ tolerance to cold, excessive rain, heat, drought and salt. Plus, mid-season applications prime your plant to withstand difficult summer conditions that could reduce the number and quality of buds for next year. Stella Maris® enhances your crop’s tolerance to tough growing conditions, assuring better quality yields.

Improves Overall Yield and Quality:

Large, quality blueberries start from the ground up – Stella Maris® gives your crops the power to resist even the toughest environmental stresses and make the most of every fertilizer ounce you apply, leading to increased yield and high-quality fruit.

Rates and Timings

Apply Stella Maris® at 2.5 to 5 litres per hectare at planting or early
spring growth; follow by treatments every 7-30 days. Applications
can be either foliar or soil.

Additional applications can be made 3-5 days prior to an
anticipated plant stress.



Stella Maris® mixes well with nutrients and other agricultural products.