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We develop world class biostimulant solutions to ensure crop survivability & improve crop productivity.

About Acadian Plant Health

Acadian Plant Health™ is a division of Acadian Seaplants Limited which has been operating for the past 40 years. Acadian Plant Health is the world leader in biostimulant solutions, sustainably sourced, and scientifically proven to increase crop tolerance to stress, yield and quality. Acadian’s products are used in soil and foliar inputs on over 70 crops in more than 80 countries.

Acadian Seaplants Corporate Story



  • Complete solutions for crop care and abiotic stress management
  • World-class research and development program
  • Leading edge partnerships and collaborators
  • Unparalleled quality from start to finish
  • State of the art production and proprietary manufacturing process
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  • Assuring a sustainable marine environment that continues to prosper and regrow
  • Respecting the environment and society while still improving crop production
  • Efficient manufacturing processes and a commitment to improving our environmental footprint
  • Enhancing soil health for crop production and regenerative agriculture
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Harvesting marine plants
Man in cornfield

Partner & Grower Focused

  • Delivering top-performing agricultural biostimulant products through unparalleled industry expertise.
  • We help growers, retailers, agronomists and other industry partners stay ahead of the ever-changing agriculture environment to achieve the highest bottom-line success.
  • We only develop and supply sustainable, high-quality crop care products.
  • We work alongside our partners to enhance agricultural production and contribute to a new wave of technology.
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Our People

  • We are innovators and collaborators who are passionate about crop science.
  • Our innovative agriculture solutions begin with our people.
  • Our team embraces curiosity and pushes the boundaries of leading-edge research on biostimulant crop inputs.

Acadian Plant Health’s parent company, Acadian Seaplants, has secured the designation as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies every year since 2002.

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